About Us


There is a reason and a purpose for every man that lives on this planet. We believe we have been created by a loving Creator, and yet there are times when we need to pause, find somewhere to go to recharge and heal.

Men who have suffered abuse need a place where they can go and receive support to get past the trauma and other side effects of abuse. Jonathan’s House Ministries firmly believes in all men, and that all men deserve to be healed, restored and eventually fulfilled.

Through building safe spaces and educating people on the effects of abuse, we believe we can change things for male victims of abuse across the UK.


To be a place of healing, transition, restoration and building up. To see all men who have been victims of abuse become victorious and successful and live again.


Our mission is to be a branch of the church, that will stand in the gap for men who been through abuse or are being abused. We will be steadfast in our approach, unswerving and dedicated to each man we meet on their journey from abuse victim to abuse survivor to living a victorious life


Find Erin on Twitter here.

Erin is the Founder of the Refuge charity and set up the first female refuge for victims of domestic abuse in the UK.

Find more information on their website, here.

Find help with Revenge Porn incidents.

Visit the website here.

Information and Advice for Male Survivors of abuse.

Their website is here

What we do is a helpline for men to call who have been falsely accused of domestic abuse. We can link them up with paralegals who can assist them in the family court. We can link them with trusted therapists and we also have a WhatsApp group so they can connect with other men who have been falsely accused.

Find us on Twitter, here.

Jody Goldsworthy

Founder & CEO

I am Jody, I am a survivor of childhood and domestic abuse (through my first marriage) I know and understand the stigma that men feel because of being abused, and how society will turn a blind eye to it.

I am now married to Julia, we have 7 children between us, we also have one insane Frenchie called Tucker. I am a Newcastle Utd fan, I love relaxing by walking along beach fronts, playing my xbox and playing my guitar.

Julia Goldsworthy


Hi, I am Julia, I am married to Jody and we have a large family between us. I have previously been on a journey of domestic abuse and got my life back on track through refuge in 2017.

I have 8+ years experience within the administration field and office environment which is being put to good use through JHM. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, singing and beach walks and I love helping others

Paul & Samantha Chohan


Hi, we are Paul and Samantha Chohan, we have 10 children, we love politics, cooking and have recently taken up ballroom dancing. Paul works hard as a homeschool teacher, and Sam works as a nurse.

Paul is the finance director here with Jonathans House (Contact Finance) & Sam is our Safeguarding officer (Contact Safeguarding).